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The Company

iCert was established to provide high quality certification services in accordance with ISO 17024 standards and by conducting examinations using modern candidate assessment systems.

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iCert is a modern certification body with the legal form of a public limited company.

Its main services are the following:


Creation and operation of innovative examination systems for the certification of professional skills across the business spectrum.


Conducting examination, assessment and certification of knowledge and skills in high demand subjects, at various levels of difficulty, and within the framework of current legislation.


Certification of individuals of various specializations and levels of professional disciplines through strictly defined scoring and assessment procedures.


Conducting and/or proctoring examinations for the certification of knowledge in person or at a distance.

Why to choose us

As a certification body for individuals, iCertoffers accredited certification schemes by the H.C.C.D. according to the international standard ISO 17024:2012. It aims to provide quality certification services across the whole range of professional activities.

iCertcertification is a significant advantage for the professional, the employee and anyone seeking employment, as it is provided through rigorous knowledge and skills certification procedures.

Instructions for
Your Certification

Each exam is different and is therefore designed according to the skills and knowledge it assesses.

Among other things, iCert defines the framework and criteria of the certification system, the prerequisites (knowledge, training and skills) and the specific requirements of the examinations.


iCert certifications cover the whole range of businesses and are addressed to professionals and businesses and include the certification of systems

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For information on the subjects or to check the validity of a certificate please contact us

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