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In recent years, and particularly with the Covid-19 crisis, there seems to have been a significant increase in interest in conducting certification examinations at a distance. This type of examination has many advantages because of the flexibility it offers candidates who wish to be certified at a time and place convenient to them.

The subjects are selected in a random manner (through a specific algorithm), so as not to affect the continuity of the examinations and to prevent the continuous repetition of specific subjects.

Detailed Remote Examination Instructions

iCert enables you to take the exam on-site via computer when circumstances do not allow you to attend in person. All you need is a computer, a web cam, a microphone and a good internet connection.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the certification examinations for a specific specialty, either as an individual or collectively at the level of human resources certification of a company or system, completes the application form.

The company evaluates the data of the submitted application and informs the applicant in time to participate in the upcoming certifications.

The applicant becomes a candidate for participation in the examination if his/her application is accepted by the company and he/she has fulfilled his/her financial obligations. In such cases, the company will inform the applicant in good time so that he/she can declare his/her availability to sit the subsequent scheduled examinations

The examination takes one hour in total. The examination takes one hour in total. This time includes 10 minutes for any clarifying questions you may have concerning the test.

System Information

The remote examination system is reliable and offers the ideal user experience. The system is compatible with operating system Windows 7 and above. The interactive proctoring system has the ability to identify candidates as well as assess the suitability of the environment chosen to conduct your exam according to the predefined instructions. Through the electronic proctoring system, it is possible to provide discretionary supervision of the candidates and to provide clarification inresponse to anyquestions.

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