Renewable Energy Sources (RES) for smart islands

The holder of the certificate “Renewable Energy Sources (RES) for smart islands” is defined as the person who is able to understand the necessity for the adoption and use of sustainable energy sources in island regions and has the necessary theoretical knowledge for activities related to the operation of renewable energy plants for this purpose. Therefore, successful participation in the certification examination of the subject entitled ‘Renewable Energy Sources (RES) for smart islands’ demonstrates the knowledge that an individual possesses to be able to participate in activities related to the operation and maintenance of renewable energy sources in order to promote sustainable development in islands through the use of renewable energy sources.

Indicative job duties include the following:

  • Communication and efficient cooperation with colleagues on issues related to the promotion, operation and maintenance of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Distinguish/identify renewable energy systems that can be applicable in island regions.
  • Implementation of environmental and other regulations related to RES-related systems.



Requirements for taking the certification test:


Be 18 years old or older and have/be:

  • Academic Degree or
  • Graduate of an optional secondary school, as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence and completion of a training programme of at least 30 hours in a relevant subject or
  • Graduate of secondary education with an educational orientation in a relevant subject


* In this sub-scheme, is given the possibility to the candidate to be evaluated either in Greek or in English. In case the candidate chooses to be examined in the English language, it is recommended that his/her level of knowledge in English is at least B1 (moderate knowledge).


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