Care Escort of Vulnerable Social Groups

The holder of the “Care Escort of Vulnerable Social Groups” certification is defined as the person who is able to meet the basic needs and to provide support and care to vulnerable groups who are not fully self-sufficient and to people with mobility impairments and special problems, with priority to those who live alone or do not have full family care or whose income does not allow them to secure the required services to improve their quality of life. Successful completion of the subject certification exam as a “Care Escort of Vulnerable Social Groups” demonstrates the knowledge that someone has in order to provide primary social care, to support independent and dignified living and to support the family environment of the beneficiaries.

Possible job duties include:

  • Visiting doctors for prescriptions (cases of the elderly and disabled)
  • Carrying out external work to vulnerable people who are unable to do so.
  • Preparation of food or supply for the serviced person if he/she is unable to prepare – supply himself/herself.
  • Supplying the elderly with essentials and hygiene items.
  • Housekeeping of non-self-sufficient persons
  • Paying bills
  • Support in bureaucratic procedures and accompaniment in processing procedures
  • Advisory support to people belonging to vulnerable social groups as to the approach that must adopt – i.e., where or to which structure or service they should address depending on the situation.


Conditions for taking the certification test:

  • Graduate of at least optional secondary education, as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence or
  • Graduate of compulsory education, as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence and completion of a training program of at least 40 hours duration, in a related subject

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