Circular Economy

The holder of the certificate in “Circular Economy” is defined as a person who has basic knowledge and fundamental principles about the circular economy and sustainable development and will be able to understand planning and strategies related to the circular economy, thus indirectly protecting the environment

The person certified in “Circular Economy” will be able to deal with and carry out basic tasks related to the implementation of tasks required for the transition from the linear to the circular economy and to support the circular business model, thus participating in actions that correspond to sustainable production and consumption models. . Indicative job duties include the following:

  • Support for circular economic practices
  • Promotion of actions aimed at repair, reuse and recycling of products.


Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • Age: At least 18 years old
  • Academic Degree or
  • Graduate of an optional secondary school, as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence and completion of a training programme of at least 30 hours in a relevant subject or
  • Graduate of compulsory education (as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence and education/training of at least 50 hours in a related field.


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