Food Manager and Good Hygiene Practices


“Food Manager and good hygiene practices” means any person employed in any way in the production, marketing and/or distribution of food, either as a self-employed person or as an employee of the businesses concerned, who manages food, procures food, stores/preserves it and ultimately distributes/sells it to retailers or directly to consumers.

The successful participation of a candidate in the certification examinations for the specific subject demonstrates that he/she has the knowledge to perform the above tasks.


Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • University graduate
  • General High School graduation certificate and relevant Vocational Training of at least 10 hours.
  • Graduate of I.E.K. in a relevant subject.
  • To have completed the stage of compulsory education at the Gymnasium, paragraph 3, article 2 of Law 1566/85 (FEK167/T.A΄/30-09-1985) and to have 3 years of professional experience

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