IT Infrastructure and Systems and Environmental Sustainability

The holder of the”ΙΤ Infrastructures and Information Systems and Environmental Sustainability” certification is defined as the person who has the basic knowledge that enables him/her to analyse energy data, to follow specific methodologies for calculating the energy efficiency of the infrastructure, information and electronic systems of the company/organization/body, in terms of environmental sustainability. He/she monitors energy use issues, and calculates and records energy consumption in information systems. He/she compares the measurements with previous consumption, draws conclusions about the increase or decrease of energy consumption, informs and suggests ways to improve energy management. Lastly, he/she monitors the efficient use of energy, and evaluates at a basic level the environmental impact of the use of the company’s/organisation’s/body’s infrastructure and information systems.

Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • Graduate of at least secondary school (e.g., high school) or
  • Graduate of compulsory education (primary school up to 1980 or Gymnasium from 1981 onwards) and completion of a training program in a relevant subject

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