Modern, Almost Zero Energy Professional Spaces

The holder of the certification “Modern, almost zero energy professional spaces”is defined as the person who has the basic knowledge, skills and professional abilities that enable him/her to study, design, measure, regulate, control the use of energy in a professional space and to be able to take all those actions that affect the energy identity and performance of professional spaces and buildings. The successful participation in the certification examination of the subject entitled “Modern almost zero-energy professional spaces” demonstrates the knowledge needed to respond effectively to the procedures and ways of calculating the energy efficiency of professional spaces and ensuring zero or very low energy for their operation.

Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • Graduate of at least secondary school (e.g., high school) or
  • Graduate of compulsory education (primary school up to 1980 or Gymnasium from 1981 onwards) and completion of a training program in a relevant subject

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