Office Automation Application Operator

The Office Automation Application Operator is responsible for the use and utilization of a range of applications that allow a modern office to quickly, easily and reliably perform a range of daily tasks and successfully complete the processes he/she undertakes. These automations are based on a number of well-defined sets of software applications that we find in every office today. These applications are:

  • Word processing and basic publishing systems
  • Creation of presentations
  • Creation and processing of spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Internet applications


Requirements for taking the certification test:


  • Graduate of Compulsory Education and higher
  • Attending a relevant seminar of at least 40 hours

* In this sub-scheme, is given the possibility to the candidate to be evaluated either in Greek or in English. In case the candidate chooses to be examined in the English language, it is recommended that his/her level of knowledge in English is at least B1 (moderate knowledge).

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