Accounting Employee with computerization knowledge

The successful participation in the certification examinations for the subject“Accounting Employee with computerization knowledge”demonstrates the basic knowledge that an accounting employee may possess, in any position assigned to him/her, in the context of the proper functioning of the department. The Accounting Employee is responsible for the correct representation of the financial transactions of the company in its accounting books, using modern technological methods, in order to provide timely and accurate information to all the interested parties.

A basic requirement for the assignment of work to an accounting employee is his/her familiarity with all the tax laws in force and the continuous monitoring of tax developments. His/her responsibilities include the maintenance and monitoring of accounting records with the help of computers, the analysis and control of financial data, the completion and submission of tax forms in the digital platforms of the A.A.D.E., the creation and submission of proposals for the improvement of general accounting procedures.


Requirements for taking the certification test:


  • Graduate of at least compulsory education (primary school until 1980 or from a third grade Gymnasium from 1981)

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