Retailer of Local Agri-Food & Gastronomy Products


“Retailer of Local Agri-Food & Gastronomy Products” is the employee of a commercial establishment or department of a commercial establishment trading in local agri-food and gastronomy products, who serves customers by showing them the products and providing them with any information relating to them”. The successful participation of a candidate in the certification examinations of the specific subject proves that he/she has the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the commercial activity of food products and specific local agri-food and gastronomy products and to:

  • Serve customers on the premises of their retail business.
  • Process the orders.
  • Handle customer requests and complaints.
  • Support the creation, maintenance and expansion of the company’s customer base.
  • Cover the image of the company.
  • Oversee and control the movement, sufficiency, completeness of the products of the retail business.
  • Complete the sale process.


Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • Must have completed at least the compulsory education stage (primary school until 1980 or third grade Gymnasium from 1981)

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