Glass Processing Technician, Remaking, Installation and Marketing


The successful participation in the certification examination for this subject demonstrates that a candidate has the competence and ability to fabricate flat glass panes for the construction and installation of windows, glass facades, glass doors and other glass structures that relate to the exterior protection and appearance, as well as the interior layout and decoration of a building or structure. He/she also processes, manufactures and applies glass elements of a building or a construction, like doors, windows, facades, balconies, stairs, staircases, canopies as well as internal partitions or other glass objects like tables, sinks, etc. He/she maintains, replaces and remodels structures in accordance with the safety, protection, appearance and functionality needs of a building or structure.


Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • Graduate of at least non-compulsory secondary education (e.g., high school) or
  • Relevant professional experience of at least one year or
  • Training in a relevant subject of at least 40 hours

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