Hotel Receptionist/ Customer Service Officer


A Hotel Receptionist/ Customer Service Officer is defined as an employee who carries out correctly and in a timely manner the tasks related to the provision of services to the customer, in the reception and hospitality – accommodation areas of hotels, in order to contribute in the best possible way to ensure their uninterrupted and efficient operation, to fulfill the objectives of efficient operation of the business in the context of the current regulations, policies, methods and procedures applied by the company. The Reception / Customer Service Department of a hotel is a key part of the business. Apart from the first image it creates for the guest, it actually undertakes a multitude of tasks. Manages bookings and coordinates the operation of the entire unit in relation to customer mobility. The successful completion of the certification examination in this subject demonstrates that the candidate has the competence and ability to undertake the following tasks:


  • Carrying out all the tasks for the “check-in” and “check-out”
  • Management of online and telephone bookings
  • Informing customers about payment methods and verifying their credit card details
  • Registering customers in the Door Book, collecting the necessary data (such as contact details and exact dates of their stay)
  • Welcoming clients on arrival and allocation of rooms
  • Informing customers about the place and the comparative advantages of the region, depending on the interests of the customers.
  • Providing information about the hotel, available rooms, rates and facilities
  • Responding to customer complaints in a timely and professional manner
  • Communication with the maids to ensure that all rooms are clean, tidy and fully equipped to satisfy the needs of the customers
  • Confirming group bookings and making arrangements for personalized services for VIP clients and event attendees, such as wedding guests
  • Sale of additional benefits and services, as appropriate
  • Keeping updated booking and payment records


Requirements for taking the certification test:

  • Graduate of at least compulsory education (primary school for graduates up to 1980, third grade Gymnasium for graduates from 1981)

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