Food & Beverage Manager


The holder of the “Food & Beverage Manager” certification, is defined as the person who is capable of being the head of the food department of a business. He/she is able to manage and supervise the effective and efficient operation of a business where all or part of the business has an operating food service establishment of any kind and where food services, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), coffee, fast food, etc. are provided in the establishment. The Food & Beverage Manager, is responsible for managing the menu, for the overall financial management of his/her department and his/her responsibilities extend to all activities related to quality and quantity control, ordering of raw materials, tools, consumables, holistic management of production & service areas and finally the selection and management of staff in key, administrative, operational and support positions.



Requirements for taking the certification test:


  • Graduate of compulsory education, as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence, or
  • Graduate of primary education and completion of at least 80 hours of training in a relevant subject.

*In this sub-scheme, is given the possibility to the candidate to be evaluated either in Greek or in English. In case the candidate chooses to be examined in the English language, it is recommended that his/her level of knowledge in English is at least B1 (moderate knowledge).

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