Thematic Tourism Business Executive


The specialty “Thematic Tourism Business Executive” concerns the executives who are active in the field of thematic tourism businesses and corresponding travel services. The ‘Thematic Tourism Business Executive’ is an employee who possesses the necessary knowledge to be able to act in a supportive manner in the administrative area of the entire tourism business/operator/organisation, applying modern methods and practices in planning, organisation, management and control, focusing on the specific needs and priorities related to thematic tourism. 


For the purposes of this Regulation, thematic tourism is defined as specific forms of tourism for sustainable tourism development, which attract visitors-tourists with special interests who want to have authentic experiences and, while respecting the environment, encourage interaction between visitors-tourists and the natural environment, the human factor, regions and municipalities, promote economic and social development in local communities and highlight the specific cultural elements of each place. 

In particular, the Thematic Tourism Business Executive supports the management in achieving the objectives of each business, which extends its interest and promotes its tourism product within the above framework. They support the application of scientific and managerial methods and practices in the production, distribution and promotion of tourism products. They support the financial planning and economic activity of the tourism business. They support the management of the human resources of the tourism business. They are familiar with modern computer applications in tourism. They must also know how to exploit and manage the specific requirements and possibilities of businesses operating in the field of thematic tourism. 


Requirements for taking the certification test: 

  • Graduate of at least compulsory education, as applicable in his/her country of origin or residence 

* In this sub-scheme, is given the possibility to the candidate to be evaluated either in Greek or in English. In case the candidate chooses to be examined in the English language, it is recommended that his/her level of knowledge in English is at least B1 (moderate knowledge).

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