Retail Sales Executive


A “salesman” is defined as a shop employee who serves customers by showing them the products and giving them relevant information (Babiniotis G. (1998), Lexicon of Modern Greek Language, Centre for Lexicology, Athens, Greece, p. 1540). In the Greek labour market the best known term describing this profession is “Product Salesman”, a term which includes the whole range of products for sale. The successful participation of the candidate in the certification examinations of the specific subject demonstrates that he/she has the competence and ability to deal with the sale of products and customer service in order to retain existing customers and create new ones. The purpose of the Retail Sales Executive is to inform and explain the product to be sold to the consumer and ultimately, the sale itself. In other words, if we consider that the sale is the culmination of the whole process of product distribution, the Retail Sales Executive deals with the completion of the commercial activity. Retail executives are involved in selling a wide range of products in stores that belong to the retail sector and are mainly aimed at the general public. Retail executives play a key role in the survival and prosperity of the business in which they work for many reasons, the most important of which are that:

  • They connect the business with its customers.
  • They are the image and the sensory organs of the company.
  • They serve the final process of the product’s journey


Requirements for taking the certification test

    • Graduate of compulsory education and higher

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